Titanium Earrings - Strong And Durable Yet Easy On The Earlobe

Published: 27th January 2010
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Titanium earrings are strong, hypoallergenic, adaptable, flexible, and straightforward to scrub jewellery that's perfect especially for people that love outdoor activities. Titanium earrings are made using titanium, which has the highest strength to weight proportion of any known element. Its light weight makes it snug to wear and its low irritation level makes it an excellent choice for folk with sensitive skin.

Titanium is a lustrous silver-white or gray metallic component, which is now used in making jewelry like titanium necklaces, titanium bracelets, titanium rings, titanium brooches and titanium earrings. It has got many properties which make it glorious to be used in jewellery. And because of these amazing properties, titanium's recognition has become the most dramatic in jewellery history.

Titanium has the trendy rich gray tones of platinum but at a way more engaging price . It is the only element that offers the unique mix of beauty, strength, light weight and bio-compatibility, which makes it a perfect material for making sturdy titanium earrings.

There are many reasons why titanium is an excellent choice for earrings.

1. Titanium earrings are high corrosion resistant.

Metals in jewellery tend to lose its color and shine over time, particularly those high-polish finished jewelry like gold and silver. This is because the oxygen in the air reacts with the metals and turns the color. Such chemical reaction is hastened when the jewellery is worn daily as the sweat combined with body temperature accelerates it. But with titanium these changes are no problem.

Titanium is inactive and so completely corrosion resistant, especially against oxygen, and so it does not tarnish easily. It exhibits exceptional resistance to a broad range of corrosive gases, acids and alkalis. It doesn't respond to salt water, daylight or any body chemistry.

2. Titanium earrings are hypoallergenic.

Titanium is an glorious great choice for even those most responsive to other materials as it doesn't react with any part of the body. This implies that very few folk have skin that is responsive to it. Those that are allergic to gold, silver or nickel, which is present in most gold and silver jewelry, is endorsed to wear titanium jewellery instead.

3. Titanium earrings are intensely sturdy and robust.

Titanium is legendary for its durability. It has the capacity to stand over the top damage. Therefore , titanium jewelry is perfect for active individuals who frequently engage in outside activities and water sports. Its strength allows for design capabilities that were otherwise impossible.

4. Titanium earrings are strong yet lightweight.

Among all metallic materials, titanium has the highest strength to weight proportion. It is stronger than steel but about 50% lighter. In truth, it is the only element possessing the strength of steel and the weight that's comparable to that of aluminium.

5. Titanium earrings are more comfortable to wear.

Titanium's light weight interprets into comfort. Compared to gold and silver jewelries, titanium jewellery is much lighter and hence more content to wear.

6. Titanium earrings are quality earrings.

Titanium has been proved one of the finest metals on earth. In fact, it's the fastest-growing class in jewelry history, which no other metal has experienced. It's the first new component to enter the class of noble metals, which includes platinum and gold. Titanium symbolizes the new standard for excellence and quality, not solely in jewelry but also in sports products and electronics.

7. Titanium earrings are pure.

Unlike gold and platinum jewelries, which are only up to ninety percent pure, titanium jewellery is almost 100% pure. This is very ideal for those that would like to wear a pure metal.

8. Titanium earrings are fashionable and trendy.

As titanium is comparatively new in the fashion industry, it is trendy and trendy. It's also really flexible and many new ideas can be applied on it. It can be combined with gemstones, silver and gold. It can be engraved and finished like conventional jewelry. Titanium jewellery can also be provided in colours apart from silver-white or gray.

Titanium-earrings.net offers titanium earrings of cutting edge styles. We carry a collection of titanium earrings that are not just powerful, light-weight, corrosion resistant and hypoallergenic but also are classy and comfortable to wear. Our titanium earrings have a completely unique look which will reflect your unique character.

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